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You have spent all your life paying for Medicare and the day has finally arrived that you can benefit from it! Congratulations, I am proud to tell you that the coverage now available to you is some of the best you have ever had.

There are 4 parts to Medicare you will need to be familiar with:

  • Part A: Medicare Part A covers 80% of all inpatient hospital needs.

  • Part B: Medicare Part B covers 80% of outpatient medical needs.

  • Part C: Medicare Part C is called Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage is very similar to the HMO or PPO networks you are familiar with from employer sponsored coverage. Secure Horizons is a very popular Medicare Advantage company and one that Hammett Health is proud to represent.

  • Part D: Medicare Part D is the prescription drug coverage for seniors. Part D coverage is required even if you do not take and medications.

At Hammett Health we focus on Medicare Supplement plans. Supplement plans are also referred to as Medigap plans because they fill in the gaps left by Medicare. Where Part A & B pay only 80% of costs, a Medicare Supplement plan will pay the other 20%. Part A & B have deductibles and excess charges that can be the responsibility of the insured, so we recommend Medicare Supplement Plan F. Plan F covers both the Part A & B deductibles as well as any excess charges from Part B (Doctors can charge up to an additional 15%).

With all the choices being available it is critical to have an agent that understands the nuances of the options as well as your needs. At Hammett Health we take pride in understanding the senior market and make ourselves available to speak at length with our clients to make sure they understand the basics of Medicare before moving on to the plans that can help them supplement basic Medicare.

“When I started working with Bill, I was about to start Medicare. He helped me to make all the right decisions, and when he said that he would always be there for me, I was very impressed. He has always come through for me, including the time he called the receptionist at the Dentist office himself to resolve a billing problem!”


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