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Why Deskless Workers Are Leaving—and How to Win Them Back

A survey of over 7,000 deskless workers across seven nations revealed that more than one-third of them are at risk of quitting in the next six months. This poses significant challenges for industries such as construction, distribution, manufacturing, health care, retail, and transportation. Click here for article.

  • Risk of Quitting: 37% of deskless workers surveyed are considering leaving their jobs within the next six months. This includes those who are definitely leaving, unwilling to commit beyond six months, or undecided.

  • Talent Shortages: Persistent talent shortages are a major challenge for companies worldwide. The US, Germany, France, and other countries are facing high levels of job vacancies compared to available workers.

  • Demographic Trends: Younger workers are more likely to consider quitting deskless jobs, with 48% of Gen Z employees at risk compared to 24% of Baby Boomers. Lack of flexibility, career advancement opportunities, and pay are among the top reasons for considering leaving.

  • Next Steps: To address the concerns of deskless workers and improve retention, companies should consider implementing flexible schedules, expanding benefits tailored to employees' needs, investing in career growth and upskilling opportunities, and demonstrating support and commitment to frontline workers.

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