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Helping employers balance the insurance needs of their employees with the financial health of their companies


I'm Bill Hammett,

Owner and President of Hammett Health Insurance Services. 


It's no secret shopping for employee benefit plans can be stressful: the industry is complicated and so is checking all the boxes for your people.

That's why we've taken decades of combined experience and created our own process to make shopping for healthcare easier. 

We also believe educating our clients is the best way to empower them to make the best choices, ones that encourage the well-being of employees and the bottom line.

We look forward to helping you make those same smart choices.

As a growing business, we needed to be competitive in terms of benefits to retain talent, but we wanted to make sure we weren’t taking on more than we could afford. Bill made the daunting process easy to navigate. His partnership has been important as we’ve grown over the years.
Rachel Kay, Founder & CEO, Rachel Kay Public Relations
We're champions of healthcare literacy

Because the best way to feel confident about your experience is to understand the industry.


That’s why we’ve gathered resources about everything that’s happening in healthcare right now – and put it in layman’s terms so you understand what you’re reading and how it applies to you.


We’re also there when you need help: in-depth analyses and expert recommendations of your best options; live help via phone, chat or email; and trainings and recorded webinars with lawyers and HR advisors.

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In the early days of the Affordable Care Act, there was so much confusion about what it meant to our organization, our staff and our finances. Bill guided us through the intricacies even as the information changed daily.
Nancy Diamond, Vice President, Building Industry Association of San Diego

Be ready for each step of the benefits process...
months in advance

With decades of experience and 1000s of interactions creating a purposeful and efficient approach to benefit strategies, we’ve deconstructed the process and identified 25 deliverables over the course of a 12-month benefit year. 

The result is the proprietary 365-Day Plan Tool, a customized timeline for each client that creates the optimal benefit experience.


Your timeline lays out each of these deadlines and milestones, so there are no more last-minute searches for a plan that meets your needs…and plenty of time to educate your employees.

365-Day Plan Tool Image

For the first time, we felt we had concierge-level care. Mr. Hammett and his staff anticipate our needs and provide us with clear options through expertly prepared documents. Hammett Health Insurance Services makes the ever-evolving health insurance marketplace accessible in ways we never experienced before.

Borre Winckel, President & CEO, Building Industry Association of San Diego


Training and an up-to-date, always-available online library of all the things that matter to you: healthcare laws, how things work and what’s on the horizon.


Extended communication, monthly touchpoints and quick responses so you’re never left wondering what’s happening or where you stand.


Easy-to-use portal that eliminates paperwork, makes enrollment faster and helps employees take control of their healthcare benefit experience.


Have confidence 

insurance companies will keep their promises because we go to bat for employees when they need help with a claim.


A customized calendar that shows you what you need to do, months in advance. No more deadlines that sneak up on you.

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